Friday, October 8, 2010

Kesong Puti - a reason for falling in love with Cavite

I said in my earlier posts that I love cheese right?.uhmmm.

Here's another cheese treat.But you can buy this at the market (Imus, Cavite City,Binakayan, or Zapote) every morning (not later than 8-9 am since a lot of people are buying it). Laguna has another version of this but I've never tasted it.

Drumroll please.....

Kesong Puti (6 for 100 / 3 for 100)-depending on the area and thickness

Pair it up with pandesal!Whoala! Breakfast on the go..

Since I'm a little girl, I always ask my mother to buy me at least 3 squares. I like eating it by its own-no bread, no rice, no whatever, just the milky, creamy, soft Keso.

It is made of fresh carabao's milk, combined with vinegar (for coagulation), and a dash of salt.

Some people Love to top their rice meals with this,..Just like what my mom does.

Want one?Visit us now here in Cavite! Don't forget to buy me one guys!

P.S. I posted this since this is my breakfast for today. Plus tinapa and sinangag!Delicioso...


  1. i have always been in Cavite but i never heard of this..The next time I visit Cavite I will definitely try this..this better be good FoodFairy..haha!

  2. Von, yepyep.madami pang calcium yan!haha


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