Thursday, October 7, 2010

Conti's and Chocolat- Cake Cravings

Cake. Maybe this is one of the foods that I can eat everyday and never get tired of it. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack.

There are a lot of cake stores out there. Conti's, I believe belongs to the famed circle of scrumptious places here in Manila (and maybe on other countries, since it can also be a favorite pasalubong).I can clearly remember our very first visit on Conti's BF Homes Paranaque Branch. The moment I saw their refrigerator, my heart and appetite jumped happily. We ordered several dishes for lunch, and added Mango Bravo (at 110 pesos per slice). It tastes really good. If you are a CML (Certified Mango Lover), you would surely love this. The meringue with cashew nuts are light yet tasty. The chocolate chiffon layer(I guess), with mousse gives the kick of choco goodness.Add the creamy and not so sweet icing , and you have the Mango Bravo. Oh! How can I ever forget the generous amount of mango chunks toppings! One great mango dessert baby. I swear i can finish a whole Mango Bravo in one sitting. Dare? Give me one first! Haha.

Mango Bravo, 110/slice, 950/large-whole

We also ordered a slice of the Dark Cream Chocolate Cake, 95/slice (I forgot the exact name, but it is basically dark choc., with cream cheese). I didn't really like this one. There is nothing extraordinary with it, except for the fact that it is moist, dark, yet, not that delicious at all. The cream cheese is quite sour which is far from the creamy taste that I'm expecting.
Conti's Dark Cream Chocolate Cake, 95/slice

And finally, the Turtle Pie, at 85 pesos/slice

Conti's Turtle Pie, 85 pesos/slice

My mom really likes this one. Usually, they serve this frozen, so you have to wait a little bit for it to soften down, since it is quite hard if you'll eat it immediately. It is chocolate flavored with a bit of bailey's or rum (i'm not really sure, but it has traces). What I love with this cake is the fact that it has lots of walnuts! Yey! On the other hand, I'm more of the soft, moist, chocolatey cake mousse, so I wasn't able to appreciate this cake as much as my mom. By the way, we also bought one whole (large) Mango bravo to go,
Mango Bravo, large whole-950 pesos

As a reminder, this cake is of frozen type, so you have 1-2 hours to save its heavenly form. Be sure to place it immediately in the freezer once you reach your home (or eat it, if you get hungry again.).In summary, Conti's is great place with value for money and quality.Definitely.

Moving aside, I've also tried Chocolat's Mall of Asia branch (near the supermarket, and Mcdonalds). A lot of cake fanatics are raving about this, and so I tried. I ordered a slice of Death by Tablea (80 pesos/slice), and Bailey's (65 pesos/slice).
Chocolat's Death by Tablea, 80/slice
As I said earlier, i love dark, moist cakes. That's the special thing on this one.On the moistness meter, it is a hit. When it comes to dark chocolate goodness, there is no question about it, from the name itself, death by tablea -you'll surely be given the bittersweet taste you're seeking. The sad part is that I don't like the texture of it. It is somewhat alike with the brownies sold in the local bakery every afternoon. Not spongy, but feels like plastic in the mouth( I'm having a hard time describing it!). It makes the overall impact cheap. Nevertheless, priced at 80 pesos, with the ample size of the slice, it will be a good snack for those who are having chocolate tantrums.
Chocolat's Bailey's, 65/slice
Bailey's cake,is not that far from the Death by Tablea - same with texture, consistency, toppings.The only difference is the taste itself (since one of its ingredients is Bailey's).  Priced at 65 pesos, it is quite reasonable, compared with the higher-end cakes of other stores like Starbucks, or Conti's. Of course, you'll get the quality you paid for. Don't expect too much.

Oh well, this ends the Back to back Cake discussion. Next time, I'll update you with the newest flavors of different stores. I'm having a hard time controlling my cravings for the Banapple cakes so maybe, this weekend, we'll try it.
Bon Appetite!


  1. my two faves!! conti's for the mango bravo, choco overload, turtle pie and black velvet (that choco cake w/ cream cheese you featured) :D

    for chocolat, deep dark classic, death by tablea and the best choco carrot cake! :D

  2. you really love food pinkcookies! watch out for more of my food posts :)


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