Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bizu Pattisserie-one SWEET place

Bizu. Everytime I pass by this store at the ATC entrance, I'm always anxious to look at its cakes for inspiration-to eat and enjoy life!haha. So, here's my review of the great sweets that can be found in this store.
Bizu cakes. such a great eyesight..yummmm
Once you see the line of mini cakes displayed , you will be confused on what to choose. For my first try, I ordered Opera. The top is covered with a dark chocolate. It is too sweet for my taste. However it may possibly be good with coffee. by the way, i liked the white chocolate topping that comes with it.
The macarons are soft, yummy, and melts in your mouth. My personal favorite is the Pistachio, Chocolate and Vanilla flavor.
macarons. so love pistachio and chocolate

Overall, I think the value for money is not really great. cakes come with a pricey tag. I will opt to Conti's or Banapple instead of this one. Nevertheless, for the rich ones, Bizu cakes and snacks will indeed, make your afternoon snacks sweet.


  1. ...mas masarap to pag libre. hahaha

  2. lage ko yang pinagmamasadan sa glorietta. hanggang tingin lng ako. expensive kasi.XD

  3. i too like opera.. but i advice you to taste NIRVANA! super napaWOW ako dun eh... d best! - abbie

  4. jen, nakakagutom tingnan nu?.yeah.nasa higher-end tlga cakes dito.maybe, palibre kanalng sa "close" friends mo.haha

  5. abie!, oo nga e.hindi ka makamove on sa sarap nung opera nu.try q yan next time.


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