Sunday, October 31, 2010

KFC Egg Tart: Flaky Sweet Snack! The BEST!

Years ago, when we visited Hongkong, we ate a lot of foods (both street and native delicacies): Curry Balls, HK version of coconut juice, Cuttlefish, Squid, Pineapple bars, and blah..blah..blah.. (too many good things to remember=P)

If you're going ask me, what's the best, I would have no second, third, or fourth doubts in answering "KFC EGG TART!". We compared 5 egg tart brands in HK, and of all we loved this fast food's own rendition of a traditional snack. So everytime my dad visits HK, he would surely have a box or two as a pasalaubong for us here in the Philippines.

Sneak Peak..

Egg Tarts, 6 pcs (1 box), 35 HK $

(you'll probably think where the KFC logo is at the bottom, so it will give you some confusion at first..)

Fresh from the box

Close Up. YUM!

See my big bite?haha

Just to give a brief review, there are 2 kinds of egg tart crust:Shortcrust pastry (more on the crumbly, bread like consistency), and the Puff Pastry(or the flaky ones). Most Hongkong food purists prefer the latter one.

The egg tart crust is FLAKY. The kind that is same with tuna /beef/chicken Turnover, or with the Croissant. It is not sweet, which greatly complements the Egg tart filling inside. It is soft, custardy, and comes with the right sugar amount!  This is great for breakfast, snack, and after-meal desserts. Quite a guilt though, but still, it's one of the best snacks I would have if it will be my last day on earth.haha(kidding!).

That's All.!If you get a chance to stroll around HK, try this! There are no egg tarts sold in KFC branches here in the Philippines, so maybe we have to wait a year, two, or forever..=P
By the way, Happy Halloween guys! Ho,..ho...ho!
enjoy the short but meaningful vacation!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sizzling Pepper Steak: hungry?this is the place for you!

Sizzling Pepper Steak.I'm sure a lot of you really love this place. Once you get a taste of it, you'll really appreciate Pepper as a spice.not only because of the spicy flame it brings, but also the way it adds a kick to a simple meal.

Last weekend, after strolling and buying fruits at Alfonso, and Mahogany (Tagaytay) market, we decided to have a lunch at Robinson's Tagaytay. There are several restaurants lined up in the place- Razon's, Sizzling Pepper Steak, Gilligan's Shakey's, Chicken Bacolod, etc. We ended up choosing Sizzling Pepper Steak, since I insisted that i'm craving for something spicy.

My mom and I ordered Beef Pepper Rice (195 pesos)
After mixing the rice and adding teriyaki sauce
Ratings: 5/5
Looks so good eh? This sizzling meal is great for hungry people.You'll definitely be able to finish this in 5 minutes or so. The beef is good (fresh, and not fatty. The thin slices make it even more tastier since it can easily absorb the sauce and pepper.) The pepper rice-what more can I say? From the name of the restaurant itself, you have nothing to expect-fabulous! pair it up with the corn? whoala!.the perfect  lunch.

My dad ordered the Chicken pepper rice, (195 pesos),

After mixing the rice with teriyaki sauce. still YUM!
The Chicken pepper rice is also good. But I like the beef pepper rice more (great amount of protein in red meat.haha!).This one has bellpeppers unlike the latter. For health conscious pips, this one's for you (or the salmon pepper rice.)

Lastly, my sister (who denies that she is on a diet) opted for the Peppered Chicken Steak (215 pesos),

There is no rice in the actual dish.She just added it.
The Peppered chicken taste almost the same as the Chicken Pepper Rice.The only difference is that it is spicier.(due to the vast amount of pepper sprinkled on it).

So, are you hungry already?drop by  at the nearest Sizzling Pepper Steak in your place. A great way to spend a hungry afternoon.

Mary Grace: Lemon Squares to die for?

Sometimes...I get tired of chocolate.and cream.and nuts.and icing.

and yet, my palate is still searching for something sweet.
Do you ever have any idea what to eat in this case of dilemma?

Well, I have a suggestion.
Try Mary Grace's Lemon Squares (8 pcs, for 115 pesos)

8 pcs, 115 pesos , Mary Grace
For some,  lemon touch in a pastry doesn't sound "oh-so-good-and-sweet" at all. Maybe, you have to taste this one first before throwing that judgment out.

Lemon Squares -closeup. Crumbs delight!

The soft lemon-flavored bread on the top of this pastry is combined with a cheesecake-like crust (not the creamy ones, rather, the moist and firm type), which simply balances the sour,creamy, and sweet taste of the flavors.

A simple delight for a wonderful afternoon!
Try it.For sure, you'll get what you paid for.(which is quite on the higher end level).

Mary Grace has numerous branches: ATC, MOA, Robinson's Place Manila, etc.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Last Saturday, due to the encouraging comments from my Mapua friends (Lester and Jerson, with other love love love friends), I treated my dad and sister (while my mother stayed at home) at BANAPPLE- the one and only.

We really planned our way there. At first, we asked many people on how to commute from Manila Cityhall to Banapple Katipunan, but in the end, since it rained really really hard, we ended up bringing the car in the place, and choosing Banapple Tomas Morato instead.

OOhhh, the place is really nice.It has a decent and elegant atmosphere that is quite associated with the higher class. A lot of restaurants can be found and most of them are well-known for offering great dishes.

Banapple's area is quite small. I guess it can only handle up to 25 people. Luckily, even though it is a Saturday night, we were able to find a table. Afterwards, I ordered the yummy yummy they are!

Lasagna Roll-ups, 170 pesos
Lasagna Roll-ups (170 pesos, 2 rolls). This version of lasagna is cheesy, and has a lot of meat sauce. Better eat it while it's hot, to savor the melted goodness of the flavors. I don;t really know the herb used (maybe it's basil), but it added a gourmet effect. The bread that comes with it is like a simple pandesal with margarine-but it really complements the sauce. Nice for "dip the bread in the sauce moments".
Ratings: 4 out of 5
Baked Cheesy Penne, 175 pesos

Baked Cheesy Penne, (175 pesos, 1 bowl). This is my favorite pasta in their menu. i ordered this based from Lester's very good comment about it (He actually said that, he always orders this  one).  The pasta is soft, but not mushy. The sausage adds enough flavor without adding too much flavor. The sauce is insanely good! Better than Italianni's or The Old Spaghetti House, definitely. And, lastly, from the name itself, it is so cheesy.
By the way, I have learned that the word "penne", is read as "pen-ne".haha! I was surprised when the staff told me about it.
Ratings: 5 out of 5
Hickory Smoked Spareribs, 175 pesos
The box-office hit for that night, is none other than, the Hickory Smoked Spareribs, 175 pesos. (a very good recommendation from Jerson). This reminded me of Tony Roma's smoked ribs (about 1500 pesos), but this is really cheap, yet really delicious! The rice, corn , and the pork. Ohhh.I cannot say anything but delicious! A must try for first-timers!
Ratings: 5out of 5
Baked Fish Gratinee, 175 pesos

 Baked Fish Gratinee, (175 pesos, serving is enough for 2). This is the first gratinee that i have tasted. For me it's so-so. Not so delicious, but not so plain. Actually, I'm expecting more flavor in it. The cheese is not that cheesy at all, but it's used to add texture (with the crumbs), and add a mozarella effect. nevertheless, I love the potato that is placed at the bottom, as a crust. As a recommendation, this dish would be better if partnered with a garlic rice instead of plain.
Ratings: 3.5 out of 5

Our PALATABLE dining area.
This is our table. They only have small, round tables, so if you are many, better combine 'em. As you can see, we also ordered their house-blended ice tea for 55 pesos. It tastes better than the normal ones in restaurants. If you are not much into sweet drinks, you can add water to neutralize it. Great drink for great food!
Honey Cake Slice, 100 pesos

Honey Cake Slice, 100 pesos. If you are not a chocolate or icing person, you can opt ordering this one. The bread that comes with it, has the consistency of banana bread, but without the banana taste. There are crunched nuts on the top plus honey and toffee -like taste combination to add sweetness. It is best served warm to preserve the supple feeling in the mouth as you bite it.
Ratings: 4 out of 5

Mr. Reese's Wicked Pie, 95 pesos

Mr. Reese's Wicked Pie, 95 pesos. Since we are a big Reese's Peanut Butter Cups fans, there is no reason why we wouldn't love this cake.Chocolate cake layer + Peanut butter Filling + vanilla icing +chopped reese's toppings. However, you might get tired of its sweetness after 3-4 bites, so better share.Sharing is good you know.
Ratings: 4 out of 5
Banoffee Pie, 85 pesos
Oooooohhh.And now, the star of the cake show, the Banoffee Pie, for 85 pesos. For those who are fruit-eaters...order this one. The fresh big chunks of banana, combined with graham crust, vanilla icing, chocolate scrapes, and dulce de leche filling combines their powers into a Megablast taste! (Warning: a sure Sugar Attack: you might get hyper guys!). Overall, this is the best cake I've tasted in their menu.
ratings: 4.5 out of 5

After eating, we decided to take some cakes home for mom.
Cadbury Cheesecake, 125 pesos

Old Gold Cadbury Cheesecake, 125 pesos. Not too sweet, and the cheesecake is not like the normal ones that is more of gelatin. It seems to be made of pure cream cheese, and cream. Love love (since i love cheese). Calorie overload.
Ratings: 4.5 out of 5
Blueberry Cheesecake, 90 pesos
The traditional Blueberry Cheesecake, 90 pesos. Same taste with the Cadbury CC, the only difference is the blueberry topping. Again, Calorie Overload.
Ratings: 4.5 out of 5
Jeeper's Creepers, 100 pesos
Jeeper's Creepers, 100 pesos (did i get the spelling right?). The halloween special cake. Unique, and crunchy! I love the walnut toppings too sweet though for my tastebuds. But it will be better if shared.2-3 bites will satisfy your curiosity and cravings
ratings: 3.5 out of 5

Banapple overall rating:
4.5 out of 5
Great value for money.
Serving is large! yey!
Taste is superb!

This ends our satisfying Banapple food trip! (we ordered a LOT! ) I'll definitely comeback again for moreee! (especially the hickory and cheesy penne).

by the way, thanks for my friend,Mae Ann Galgo for editing my pictures! Thanks Thanks! Hope to see more of your photo edits soon! 

So what are you waiting for!try Banapple now!
Banapple Katipunan, 4392675
Banapple Tomas Morato, 4132675
by the way. they also have deliveries (just call, 212-1212). The extra charge depends upon the distance from Banapple

Friday, October 8, 2010

Polly's Chocolate Cake

Polly here, Polly there, Polly everywhere...It seems that Ms. Polly is really a celebrity when it comes to her famous CHOCOLATE CAKE...try to type it in Google, and for sure, you'll see tons of search results-all pertaining to the yummy chocolate-yyy goodness of her cake.

Earlier, after strolling at Glorietta, we decided to watch a movie at Alabang. The idea easily popped  in my head. We're gonna pass by Shell Magallanes Station-the chocolate cake heaven.Yipeee!

I'm anxious, excited, and hungry all at the same time while on the way there.After a few minutes, Gotcha!Yehey!Thank God!

Polly's Chocolate cake piled up in one corner.

The large Polly's Chocolate Cake cost 440 pesos (8 by 8 inches), here's a picture of it

8 by 8 inches Ms. Polly's Chocolate Cake, 440 pesos

It may look like a normal cake, but beware of its "Killer taste".Since we are on a diet (called see-food diet), we decided to order first a slice-just to make sure that our money's gonna get its worth..haha
Ms. Polly's Chocolate Cake, 60 pesos/slice

 This slice costs 60 pesos. We ate it immediately after buying.and Oh! The buzz is true! It's delicious-heavenly-soft-moist-chocolatey-and loaded with chocolate frostings.Aside from the top and side frostings, the middle part is also full of chocolate. The good thing is that it is not that sweet, and neither bittersweet.Just with the right taste. it outruns Conti's (sorry for Conti's choco cake fans out there) in the field of choco cake I tell you sir/ma'am.=)

Oopss.last bite.Who will get it? (Of course, me!)

If you are familiar with Hungry Pac  (from ATC/ Ayala Malls food choices; please consult the picture below), it is quite the same with this one. The only difference is that Ms.Polly assured that her cake will be filled and overflowed with yummy choco frosting, and the cake is soft, but moist. 
Hungry Pac's Chocolate Cake , 48 pesos/slice
The price is right for the quality and size you'll be getting. Surely, you'll never ever ever forget Shell Magallanes Station after you taste this.

Personally, I'm declaring this as the BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER in my 21 years of existence..(oops, you finally knew my age!).

This is true if you are in search of yours, then try this creation of Ms.Polly.You might find your best cake ever too.

Kesong Puti - a reason for falling in love with Cavite

I said in my earlier posts that I love cheese right?.uhmmm.

Here's another cheese treat.But you can buy this at the market (Imus, Cavite City,Binakayan, or Zapote) every morning (not later than 8-9 am since a lot of people are buying it). Laguna has another version of this but I've never tasted it.

Drumroll please.....

Kesong Puti (6 for 100 / 3 for 100)-depending on the area and thickness

Pair it up with pandesal!Whoala! Breakfast on the go..

Since I'm a little girl, I always ask my mother to buy me at least 3 squares. I like eating it by its own-no bread, no rice, no whatever, just the milky, creamy, soft Keso.

It is made of fresh carabao's milk, combined with vinegar (for coagulation), and a dash of salt.

Some people Love to top their rice meals with this,..Just like what my mom does.

Want one?Visit us now here in Cavite! Don't forget to buy me one guys!

P.S. I posted this since this is my breakfast for today. Plus tinapa and sinangag!Delicioso...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

CYMA -Greek Tavern

Cyma in Alabang Town Center is one exciting place to dine. For cheese lovers out there, crave at first, then pig out for most of the dishes are cheese-based. Pinch me in the nose if you don't find the food, good.

Because of the long list of food in the menu plus the fact that I'm too eager to taste it all, we ordered numerous dishes. For appetizer (the appetizers are really mouthwatering!, I want to taste 'em all!), we had a taste of  Kalamarakia (300 pesos), Roka Salata (family, 680 pesos),Spinach and Artichoke Fondue (forgot the price), and Saganaki (200 pesos).
Kalamarakia, 300 pesos. simply the Calamares-in native tongue.
The name of the dishes are actually quite hard to read (considering proper intonation, and syllabication.), so I just point out the foods that I want to the waiter. The Kalamarakia  is a box-office for our family. The breading is crunchy on the outside layer, and quite soft on the inner ring, and it tastes good-just with the right pepper and salt. The squid used is really soft, which is a plus point for the older ones. This appetizer is great for munching while waiting for the other dishes. 

Rating: 4.8/5

Roka Salata, family, 680 pesos
Roka Salata is a greek salad primarily composed of fresh arugula, romaine lettuce, sundried tomatoes, candied walnuts served with shaved Parmesan in Greek vinaigrette. This dish combines a lot of flavor-sweetness from the walnuts, the sour blend of sundried tomatoes (has a texture like the chinese kiamoy, but the taste is good.quite sour), and the vinaigrette. The large shaves of parmesan will surely satisfy your cheese cravings. If to be evaluated out of 5 stars, I'll give this a 4. I love its total taste, but it's not something that I can finish up in one seating (beware of its big servings), since you'll soon be fed up with the taste.

Rating: 5/5 I love this salad!

Saganaki(flaming cheese), 200 pesos
Next, is the Saganaki (or the traditional Greek flamed cheese). It will be literally flamed up by your server, while all of them shouts "Oppa!". You might be surprised but that is the way it is being served. Again, another cheese dish, and I love this one. It's a great spread for the bread that comes with it. However, it is nearly the same with the molten Mozarella cheese in pizza. Just remember to eat it immediately because it easily sticks into the pan due to its sizzling nature.

Rating: 5/5

Spinach and Artichoke Fondue

Our last appetizer (definitely NOT the least), is the spinach and artichoke fondue. This is the best of all I must say. It's so cheesy, yet healthy.You might encounter chunks of artichoke and spinach while eating this, with a flame-toasted bread. This is heaven.I love it. Right now, I am mouthwatering, and craving for some. Waahh. I've tasted several artichoke fondue out there , especially the ones from Italianni's, and this is the finest. Don't forget to order this one if you go there. Five stars combo!Wooh!

Rating: 5/5 (Favorite Spinach and Artichoke Fondue )

As you can see, we had a lot of appetizers. Actually we are already full, but we cannot cancel the orders we placed earlier.So we had no choice but to eat them. 
Meatless Moussaka, 250 pesos
Since I'm trying to be a vegetarian (but I always fail.haha), I opted for the Meatless Moussaka, 250 pesos (with eggplant as the meat subsitute) instead of the the normal moussaka with ground pork and beef.  Even before we go to Cyma, I'm excited to have a taste of Greece's National Dish. Sad to say that I'm disappointed. It is so cheesy (and quite oily), and I can't eat more than 1/3 of it. I'm thinking if the normal moussaka , tastes the same, and if ever yes, i'm having regrets. We ended up packing it for dinner.Maybe this is also a sign that I cannot be a full-pledged vegetarian.In my dreams, probably?

Rating: 4/5

Hirine Brizola, 450 pesos (grilled porkchops)

The Hirine Brizola, 450 pesos (or simple Grilled porkchops). It tastes like pork (yes, it is pork, but not the well-seasoned and marinated ones). It is soft, chewy, but not delicious (for me). I just ate the grilled potatoes since they tastes good and are mushy on the inside, but I let my father consume the rest of the porkchop.

Rating: 2/5. 

For dessert, we had Skolatina, (295 pesos)
Skolatina, 295 pesos
My sister raves about the chocolate-yyy goodness of this one. We all love it, as a matter of fact. A great ender for the bounty Greek feast. The vanilla ice cream complements the chocolate molten cake. Oh..goood.can you please give me some?

Rating: 4.8/5

Cyma, in totality offers very good food, but with a heavy price. Your stomach will bulge, yet your wallet will starve. Haha.Kidding aside, if you're craving for cheese dishes, Cyma has a lot to offer. Feel like a God/ Goddess with it's heavenly cheesy dishes.

Captain Food

Serenitea - milk tea and pepper snacks!

My milk tea madness started when we went to Hongkong 3 years ago. I cannot drink milk in its plain form (eversince I'm 1 year old). So, I always find ways to have my needed calcium supply. Ice cream, Yogurt, Chocolate drinks, are just some of my sources. and now, let me add MILK TEA!

3 years have passed since my milk tea search craze begun. Everytime I see milk tea in the menu, I order it. Chowking's  Nai cha, Bubba's brew milk tea, and even Lipton's milk tea in the sachet are a few of what I have tried. Too bad I wasn't able to find the taste my buds are long looking for.Thank God, Serenitea opened their Alabang Town Center Branch!

During their opening, wintermelon milk tea is up for a free taste. Actually, I don't know what a wintermelonlooks like, and where can it be found. I asked the help of mr. Google, and here is a picture:

A Wintermelon fruit.(looks like the local fruit, upo)
I ordered the medium size of Wintermelon Milk Tea, 95 pesos (medium, since they are offering a FREE upsize, which made my drink , large). Ooooohhh..It really tastes good!just like the original one in Hongkong! On my next visit, I also tried their Okinawa Milk Tea, (with extra pearl) 103 pesos-large. It has somewhat same taste with the wintermelon, but I like Okinawa better. I think, Okinawa has a black sugar base, while wintermelon is more of caramel. A piece of advice when ordering at Serenitea: you can ask the barista about the taste. they can help you a lot since they are really knowledgeable on it.
Okinawa Milk Tea, 103 pesos, with extra pearl

Milk Tea!!!

One major feature of Serenitea is that you can actually choose the level of sweetness- either 0%, 25%,50%, 75%, 100%. For health-conscious pips out there, maybe you'll choose the 0% option. But for me, who loves average choices, I opt for the 50%. Better to stay in the middle. Nevertheless, i think there is not much difference on the taste itself, since their milk tea perce, is well blended-not too bitter, not too sweet, and neither too herbal.

As a snack for the Julia Robert's movie - Eat, pray, love, I also ordered a Sweet pepper corn (50 pesos, for 1 cob). It is topped with fried and dried basil leaves (yum!yum!).
Sweet Pepper Corn , 50 pesos

The "special"( as they say) sweet pepper flavoring of serenitea is delicious!Magnificent, shall I say!. it smells good (more of cinnamon-chili). For 5 minutes, the staff will prepare it, and they will hand you over a crunchy, sweet peppery corn! (chopped in 3 pcs). It is insanely appetizing. Bite at it, and your lips will surely catch a lot of pepper, then lick it!Oh Good! In reality, even though you can smell the cinnamon, you won't catch a sweet taste of it. It smoothly blends with the pepper. The basil leaves are quite astonishing. At first, I don't know what it is. But when I tasted it, it is crunchy and healthy! (doesn't taste like a leaf, but rather a snack.) I swear, I'll buy this everytime we go at ATC.

My next targets: everything on their snack list! 
*Hashbrown-35 pesos
*Pepper tofu-50 pesos
*Pepper Potato-50 pesos
*Chicken Chop-45 pesos
*Fish&Chips-95 pesos

Conti's and Chocolat- Cake Cravings

Cake. Maybe this is one of the foods that I can eat everyday and never get tired of it. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack.

There are a lot of cake stores out there. Conti's, I believe belongs to the famed circle of scrumptious places here in Manila (and maybe on other countries, since it can also be a favorite pasalubong).I can clearly remember our very first visit on Conti's BF Homes Paranaque Branch. The moment I saw their refrigerator, my heart and appetite jumped happily. We ordered several dishes for lunch, and added Mango Bravo (at 110 pesos per slice). It tastes really good. If you are a CML (Certified Mango Lover), you would surely love this. The meringue with cashew nuts are light yet tasty. The chocolate chiffon layer(I guess), with mousse gives the kick of choco goodness.Add the creamy and not so sweet icing , and you have the Mango Bravo. Oh! How can I ever forget the generous amount of mango chunks toppings! One great mango dessert baby. I swear i can finish a whole Mango Bravo in one sitting. Dare? Give me one first! Haha.

Mango Bravo, 110/slice, 950/large-whole

We also ordered a slice of the Dark Cream Chocolate Cake, 95/slice (I forgot the exact name, but it is basically dark choc., with cream cheese). I didn't really like this one. There is nothing extraordinary with it, except for the fact that it is moist, dark, yet, not that delicious at all. The cream cheese is quite sour which is far from the creamy taste that I'm expecting.
Conti's Dark Cream Chocolate Cake, 95/slice

And finally, the Turtle Pie, at 85 pesos/slice

Conti's Turtle Pie, 85 pesos/slice

My mom really likes this one. Usually, they serve this frozen, so you have to wait a little bit for it to soften down, since it is quite hard if you'll eat it immediately. It is chocolate flavored with a bit of bailey's or rum (i'm not really sure, but it has traces). What I love with this cake is the fact that it has lots of walnuts! Yey! On the other hand, I'm more of the soft, moist, chocolatey cake mousse, so I wasn't able to appreciate this cake as much as my mom. By the way, we also bought one whole (large) Mango bravo to go,
Mango Bravo, large whole-950 pesos

As a reminder, this cake is of frozen type, so you have 1-2 hours to save its heavenly form. Be sure to place it immediately in the freezer once you reach your home (or eat it, if you get hungry again.).In summary, Conti's is great place with value for money and quality.Definitely.

Moving aside, I've also tried Chocolat's Mall of Asia branch (near the supermarket, and Mcdonalds). A lot of cake fanatics are raving about this, and so I tried. I ordered a slice of Death by Tablea (80 pesos/slice), and Bailey's (65 pesos/slice).
Chocolat's Death by Tablea, 80/slice
As I said earlier, i love dark, moist cakes. That's the special thing on this one.On the moistness meter, it is a hit. When it comes to dark chocolate goodness, there is no question about it, from the name itself, death by tablea -you'll surely be given the bittersweet taste you're seeking. The sad part is that I don't like the texture of it. It is somewhat alike with the brownies sold in the local bakery every afternoon. Not spongy, but feels like plastic in the mouth( I'm having a hard time describing it!). It makes the overall impact cheap. Nevertheless, priced at 80 pesos, with the ample size of the slice, it will be a good snack for those who are having chocolate tantrums.
Chocolat's Bailey's, 65/slice
Bailey's cake,is not that far from the Death by Tablea - same with texture, consistency, toppings.The only difference is the taste itself (since one of its ingredients is Bailey's).  Priced at 65 pesos, it is quite reasonable, compared with the higher-end cakes of other stores like Starbucks, or Conti's. Of course, you'll get the quality you paid for. Don't expect too much.

Oh well, this ends the Back to back Cake discussion. Next time, I'll update you with the newest flavors of different stores. I'm having a hard time controlling my cravings for the Banapple cakes so maybe, this weekend, we'll try it.
Bon Appetite!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bizu Pattisserie-one SWEET place

Bizu. Everytime I pass by this store at the ATC entrance, I'm always anxious to look at its cakes for inspiration-to eat and enjoy life!haha. So, here's my review of the great sweets that can be found in this store.
Bizu cakes. such a great eyesight..yummmm
Once you see the line of mini cakes displayed , you will be confused on what to choose. For my first try, I ordered Opera. The top is covered with a dark chocolate. It is too sweet for my taste. However it may possibly be good with coffee. by the way, i liked the white chocolate topping that comes with it.
The macarons are soft, yummy, and melts in your mouth. My personal favorite is the Pistachio, Chocolate and Vanilla flavor.
macarons. so love pistachio and chocolate

Overall, I think the value for money is not really great. cakes come with a pricey tag. I will opt to Conti's or Banapple instead of this one. Nevertheless, for the rich ones, Bizu cakes and snacks will indeed, make your afternoon snacks sweet.

Captain Food: Peanut Butter Co. -love at first sight

Captain Food: Peanut Butter Co. -love at first sight: "Well, are you an avid fan of the famous Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich? of course, for me, YES! Good news for PB&J fanatics out there, si..."

Peanut Butter Co. -love at first sight

Well, are you an avid fan of the famous Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich?

of course, for me, YES! Good news for PB&J fanatics out there, since Peanut Butter Company has a branch at MOA. An they are offering PB&J sandwiches (with a lot of varieties), plus quite a few dishes (that looks, and smells really really good). 

Here is a picture of their PB&J sandwich (85 pesos, half)
 (strawberry flavored jam with crunchy peanut butter).
PB&J sandwich unopened.

The sandwich is really, really, really good! The bread is quite unique, I forgot to ask if it's actually wheat bread, but it tastes like one. It is soft, creamy and toasted. The peanut butter is a CHAMP.It comes with just the right sweetness. Pair it with the strawberry jelly with chunky bits, and whoalaahhh- a perfect afternoon snack.

I also tried their Elvis sandwich (90 pesos, half)
Crunchy Peanut butter with banana, and bacon.
Unopened. A great surprise inside!
the famous-Elvis Sandwich, 90 pesos, half

Just a little bit of trivia. This sandwich is the favorite snack of Elvis Presley, King of Rock n' Roll,
 that is why it was named after him.

According to Wikipedia, 

"Presley's fondness for peanut butter and banana sandwiches is well established, but bacon is not mentioned in all accounts.[9] A book about Presley and his mother, Gladys Presley, though, says he had "sandwich after sandwich of his favorite—peanut butter, sliced bananas, and crisp bacon". Another passage describes him talking "feverishly until dawn" while "wolfing" down the sandwiches (described in this instance as being made with mashed banana)."

Rating: 4/5
And now, for my verdict, this sandwich is good but not great. I just don't appreciate the way the bacon is combined with the peanut butter. I would love it better if there is only PB and banana...then munch on the crispy bacon alone.haha!

I also managed to take some pictures of the place (MOA branch)

Cashier, and menu
chairs.I cannot rotate the picture=P

I forgot to tell you that everything in their menu has a touch of peanut butter. weird but great isn't it?haha!

I still don't have the enough courage to taste other dishes in their menu, specifically the Hot wings (chicken wings with chili peanut butter), and the Pasta (with peanut butter also.) Next time maybe! I'll tell you and let's try it together! 

peanut butter counter

Since I wasn't able to get enough of it, I also bought a pack of Crunchy Peanut butter (185 pesos) for home use.=)

Peanut Butter Co. offers all-natural gourmet spread for everyone. It comes in different flavors (creamy, crunchy, curry, chocolate or hazelnut(i'm not that sure), and etc.) I forgot some of the flavors since they are really weird (but I think, yummy). If you want to have a taste of it, they are offering free taste, just ask the staff.

Ask me, if i'm going to back? DEFINITELY YES!